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Commercial Management Advisory services Learn more »»

We advise and implement commercial, contractual, and risk management procedures aimed to improve value in project control measures, reduce cost, risk identification, and program management.

Value-added advisory services include industry wide analysis, firm wide review, and expert advice for engineering and construction industry, consulting firms, project management consulting and other professional service industries.

Revenue & Budget Performance Management Advisory Learn more »»

We advise on customized strategy for driving targeted real sales growth by quantifying and optimizing your marketing processes through utilization of goals-driven approach relevant to turn conventional marketing initiatives into profit generating centers.

Budgetary and fiscal management services include industry-oriented budget formulation for diverse industries as well as budget allocation and appropriations for governments and institutions to ensure compliance with operating budget and capital budget regulations and statutes for federal and local government agencies.

The governmental annual operating budgets for revenue estimates and appropriations for expenditure for a specific fiscal year require capital budget compliance which control the expenditures for construction projects and fixed asset acquisitions.

We perform internal control tests to ascertain compliance with industry and legislative statutory requirements for operating or capital budgets, government accounting and auditing systems, expenditure and appropriations authority, international reporting standards, as well as industry-driven internal control reviews.

Our reviews, monitoring, and assessments provide assurance of assignment of authority and responsibility; internal audit; code of conduct; policies and procedures manual; self-assessment; segregation of duties; execution of transactions; and system access security.

Cost Competitiveness and Corrective Actions Advisory Learn more »»

We advise on cost competitiveness with emphasis on strategic cost analysis that include, but not limited to, identification of shifts in cost components, examination of value chain for holistic market spectrums, assessment of competitive shifts in market value potential as well as assessment and evaluation of future cost increases.

We utilize effective methodologies and models, including Six Sigma Methodology, to reduce costs and increase capacity. Process waste is a component of cost inefficiency.

We believe in an effective cost-excellence drive that focuses on closing shifting gaps and eliminating known and potential shortcomings, addressing both the input components for production and desired output components.

We evaluate root-causes for cost inefficiencies and develop corrective action plan to achieve targeted outcomes for resolutions that identify cost-effective actions required to correct root-causes, develop a plan of action to improve processes or methods for appropriate solutions, execute measurable improvements, and eliminate repeated deficient practices.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Shared Services Learn more »»

We advise on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) worldwide, including development and implementation of hiring individuals or companies, either domestically or internationally, to handle business or public activities for our clients.

Our outsourcing practice and solutions allow small and medium-sized businesses to gain services, skills, or manufacturing productions in other countries such as in Asia, Africa, or Middle East. We have established credible service and manufacturing networks in India and Kenya as we explore China and other Asian countries.

Our outsourcing solutions enable our clients to grow their businesses with less financial or manpower restrictions without major capital investments. Our solutions unlock core a much-desired management space for our clients to focus on their business core competencies, differentiators, inventions, and innovations while cutting costs, improving efficiencies, and delivering services or goods timely.

We help our clients on implementation of cost competitiveness and savings through Shared-Services initiatives for one-stop delivery of functions or processes at departmental, corporate or holding group levels.

Shared services models enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large corporations to leverage the delivery of services across business units as well as facilitate accountabilities and responsibilities between the shared services organization and customers.

Human Capital Advisory Services Learn more »»

We advise and perform advanced, specialized and administrative services in designated human resource programs or industry customized towards providing high-level support in administration of human resources efficiencies and advice on compliance with regulations, standards, methods, policies, or other guidelines.

We undertake administrative responsibilities in order to allow our clients to focus on core competencies and deliverables. We assist in interpreting human resources policy, processes, and guidelines, and offer advice on the implementations in specific organizational or business environment.

We facilitate forums, seminars, training sessions as well as other HR empowering initiatives on complex HR procedures, processes, human capital, or other resources. We monitor our client's continued compliance with human resources requirements across industries, governments, environmental policies, or other requirements.

We assess business communications requirements and advise our clients on effective, efficient, and responsive communications to employees and management on overall corporate satisfaction, happiness, behaviors, and attitudes orchestrated to result in meeting our client's expectations, cost control, and profitability growth.

Contract Management Consulting Services Learn more »»

We advise on contract management and monitoring plan solutions as well as metrics for effective support of contracts management for private sector and governments.

We ensure our client's contracts and monitoring plan are aligned and in compliance with acquisition and regulations that include recognized standards such as Uniform Contract Format (UCF); Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR); and Uniform Contract Format (UCF).

Contract consultants are guided by uniform contract formats, uniform contract format schedule, government uniform contract policy, federal uniform contract format as well as uniform contract format templates to accomplish and deliver to our clients successfully and satisfactorily. Our contract experts are knowledgeable in:

• Regulatory compliance • Contract management services • Change order management • Request for equitable adjustments (REA) • Scope changes • Quality Assurance consulting • Subcontracting plan management • Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) • Cost-reimbursement Government contracts • Contract negotiations

We utilize Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) and other tools to set out the standards expected in the delivery of services to our clients.

Business Performance Improvement and Operations Optimization – Six Sigma Methodology Learn more »»

We advise on solutions and execute implementation for our clients to improve and to optimize their business performance effectively, efficiently, responsively, and innovatively.

We utilize effective process tools that include Six Sigma Methodologies to assess key business operations required to understand our client's operations on finance, risk mmanagement and compliance, IT systems, operations and human resources.

We execute solutions that assist our clients to identify and implement cost competencies and saving initiatives, improve management and control, identify and manage risk, and improve quality.

Our wealth of proven experience, expertise, and abilities allow us to provide hands-on assistance to improve financial as well as business under-performance and cash-flow management.

Organizational Strategy and Re-design (organizational transformation) Learn more »»

We help our clients to develop, embrace, and implement organizational or business unit's strategy through utilization of models that enable an informed comparison of present organizational state and intended state of goals and objectives.

Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise on defining differences in strategies, informing the present state of operations, and advising on desired changes to improve processes, people, policies, and production.

Our solutions enable organizations to re-design and implement organizational transformation by ensuring all organizational stakeholders embrace new strategy, defining the functions necessary for implementation of critical success factors, identifying capabilities for achieving new strategy, assessing human capital talents relevant to new strategy, and implementing holistic shifts in processes and culture that re-align with new strategy.

Change Management – People, Processes, Procedures, Policy, and Technology Learn more »»

We utilize assessment tools necessary for evaluating and implementing change management for our clients, including but not limited to review of organization's readiness to change. Advise to our clients on readiness assessments span across industries, sectors, and governments, with targeted solutions customized for organizational culture, history assessments, employee assessments, sponsor assessments and change assessments.

We examine organizational insights into the challenges and opportunities embedded in the existing state against desired changes on people, processes, procedures, policy, and technology.

We help our clients to prepare for change, implement change, manage targeted change, and reinforce change across organizational culture.

Project Management Resolutions, Recovery and Resolve – Communication and Issues Escalation Learn more »»

Our consultants help our clients with project and program management solutions necessary for project management to achieve targets effectively, efficiency, responsively, and on schedule. We advise management on continuous assessment of project requirements, resources, schedules, planning, and risks management.

Our experienced and proven assessment and recovery team (ART) assist project managers to realign priorities where project recovery solutions apply by developing a recovery plan that is focused on "inchstones" rather than milestones, as well as ensuring a continuous recalibration of the recovery plan throughout the project recovery period.

Technology-Enabling Advisory Solutions Learn more »»

We advise on customized and practical technology-enabled solutions by seamlessly translating traditional processes into efficient, technology-driven business solutions that comply with industry's or sector's operational risk management, regulatory authorities, security, environmental safety, and continual improvement objectives.

Our advisors in project construction and development help our clients to overcome unique challenges related to optimal equipment fleet mix as well as customization of new technologies and services applicable to each project and each business.

Business-To-Business Advisory Services (B2B) Learn more »»

We help our clients to effectively execute business-to-business transactions (B2B) that include, but not limited to, the purchase of goods or services but also acquisition of other businesses.

We facilitate the development and implementation of proposals and contracts, decision-making processes, capital funding acquisition, purchasing decisions as well as evaluation of business risks.

Private-To-Public Advisory Services (PPP) Learn more »»

We prepare our clients to readily source services, goods, or technology from public sector organizations, corporations, or institutions, and governments in as much as we facilitate the business community to provide solutions to the public sector.

Our Private-Public Partnership (PPP) consultants provide targeted advice necessary for cooperative arrangements between two or more public and private sectors, typically to minimize risks on public resources on long-term projects.

Most PPP projects entail infrastructure, city development, mining of natural resources, institutional facilities development, educational, medical, and other capital-public projects.

PPPs enable the sharing of risk and the development of innovative, long-term relationships between the public and private sectors, including the availability of private finance.

Government-To-Government Advisory and Consulting Services (G2G) Learn more »»

Our consultants on government advisory services advise on government to government (G2G) e-commerce initiatives and innovations driven to effectively enable secured electronic sharing of data and information systems between governments, government agencies, departments or organizations.

G2G supports e-government initiatives by improving communication, data access, data sharing, and information sharing in effective, efficient, and responsive approach.

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