Technical Past Experience

Optima Business Solutions has successfully executed and implemented deliverables in the past that include:

  • 1. Commercial management advisory services – commercial transactions reviews, cost management & reporting, change management, prime/subcontract account value assessments.
  • 2. Analysis of compliance reviews for financial management processes, procedures, systems, methods, and policy that drive management programs, financial management, internal controls, and budget.
  • 3. Planning, developing, and executing various methodologies for financial management controls and risk assessment.
  • 4. Monitoring and controlling budget and program audit procedures and processes, including auditing for authenticity and validity of overtime pay, leave/vacation benefits, and other compensatory functions.
  • 5. Performing vertical and horizontal internal control functions for financial management operations, acquisition, procurement, revenue management, and pricing models.
  • 6. Authenticating and certifying quality assurance for reporting integrity compliance on processes, procedures, systems, methods, and policies.
  • 7. Training management on Internal Controls for Federal Government Requirements Accountability; Internal Control over financial reporting: PEGASYS systems for Federal financials; and Federal National Archives and Records Administration.

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